About us

We are an independent services specialist team that helps datacommunications and telecommunications organisations maintain and improve service quality to its customers. Our clients benefit from independent, unbiased advice, processes and toolsets that enable stakeholders to focus on their day-to-day business.

When you are implementing a transition or transformation program to improve how you deliver service to your customers, we can help with:

  • program management
  • knowledge transfer
  • transition governance
  • competency development

If you are developing new services we can assist with:

  • performance and quality
  • productivity
  • accreditation
  • service improvement
  • efficiency

We work with your team to assist in both short and long-term programs:

  • Facilitation and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Monitoring and management of program objectives
  • A quantative approach to managing strengths and weaknesses
  • Correction and implementation of service improvement strategies
  • Meaningful, accurate reporting

Our processes and tools enable our clients to implement:

  • Engineering performance improvement programs
  • Competency improvement programs
  • Service improvement programs
  • Process improvement programs

The combination of impartial measurement of productivity, performance, quality, efficiency of service delivery standards allows organisations to develop the appropriate corrective actions to improve their service delivery performance for their clients.