Engineers globally are motivated by performance and quality standards and are typically competitive against their piers.  Utilising the KnowBOX productivity, performance and quality standard accreditation solution enables engineers to manage and drive their personal development.  

The management of engineer statistics and accreditation enables our clients to monitor and cross reference productivity, performance and quality data across engineering team, regions and suppliers.  In addition once implemented our clients will not benefit from:

  • motivated engineers whom are focused on improving their productivity, performance and quality standards
  • greatly improved performance and service efficiency
  • reduced engineer retention challenges
  • the ability to manage senior engineers more effectively
  • track engineer continuous improvement
  • comparison to the competition (if they measure productivity)
  • improve service delivery standards (KPI/SLA)

Internal & External exposure to improving service delivery standards will not only assist with SLA and KPI achievement but demonstrate the effectiveness of the transition/transformation process