Transition governance

KnowBOX understand the value of working with regional based teams.  It is understood that the requirement to support transition across regions is a further drain on existing operational challenges.  Our engagement is typically focused around:

  • cultural difference management
  • collaboration and facilitation
  • RISK awareness
  • process improvement
  • program escalation
  • alignment across all teams
  • achievement of productivity, performance and quality standards

We focus our support across all program stakeholders to ensure that the program objectives are achieved.  Through our independent status we are able to support operational, management, project and technical teams with an unbiased methodology, which ultimately enable the transition/transformation program to be successful in the short, mid and long term

To support transition/transformation and offshoring programs there is a requirement to support operational and technical teams with a level of Service Governance.  A focused resource(s) enables stakeholders to focus on their existing roles and for the integration of new services to be managed successfully into day-to-day operations.

In particular when transition incorporates regions and different cultures this facility is critical to maintain cost, efficiency and compliance.  Typically this resource/team would be the main point of contact with all teams and line management for the following areas:

Service delivery standards

  • implementation and management of service improvement delivery standards
  • continuous competency development
  • productivity, performance and quality
  • escalation management
  • service impacting management
  • quality and productivity measuring and reporting for all off-shore services


  • financial management (delivery of annual off-shoring targets)
  • maintenance of budgets and headcount in GSCs
  • collaboration and facilitation (effective working relationships between local and off-shore delivery teams)
  • service efficiency
  • service documentation (WLA, OLA & SLAs)
  • facilitation of cross regional governance meetings
  • workforce planning
  • demand & mobilisation interface
  • reporting
  • development of further transition
  • achieving our targets for CC engagement and resource placement

Workforce planning/Demand management

  • support managers with resource challenges - approvals/justifications/re-assignments/releasing resources, etc.
  • maintain a rolling 3 month forecast in line with transformation goals
  • ensure the resource forecast aligns with the business case (on-shore and off-shore) with the the right competence mix
  • establishing a consistent process for translating a resource plan into a mobilization plan
  • ensure delivery commitments are not made without an understanding of how they will be resourced
  • support line managers with the mobilisation and ramp down plans across projects
  • ensure our resource plans deliver at the right required quality/cost balance
  • the right mix between onshore, offshore, specialist teams and temporary contract personnel
  • ensure no double-booking and/or no resources ‘on-the-bench’
  • establishing consistent mechanisms for sign-off of mobilization plans