Knowledge Transfer management and coaching

The KnowBOX team and partners have been supporting multi-national datacomms and telecommunications organisations for over 20 years.  Services include:

Planning and development of training courses and knowledge transfer programs

Planning, preparation and development is a key part of any knowledge transfer program.  We work closely with the subject matter teams to ensure that programs plan for success with minimum interruption to normal operations.  Typically when planning transition/transformation it is the operational or technical staff that are required to complete the process we assist with guidance, hints and tips to reduce planning and development time whilst ensuring that the program is planned for optimum success

Management of Knowledge Transfer programs 

A key part of successful transition program delivery involves supporting the subject matter experts (SME) and focusing the delegates for the duration of the program.  Often we find that SMEs can let their nerves and lack of delivery structure impact their delivery, the result of this is that delegates do not have the opportunity to fully take on board/retain key parts of the curricula.  We encourage that the SMEs deliver the key messages but also discuss the value added stuff (hints and tips) this information, which will cement the key messages, relax the SMEs and provide a better program for the delegates

Communications and Coaching

The two forgotten areas with most transition/transformation programs the focus is on the key engineering curricula.  The reality is that for programs to be successful planning, development and delivery needs to include support and escalation coaching and communications (written and verbal).  Roles are not typically about tools and process and therefore the transition program needs to be focused across the breadth of the role.  A successful program is one that completes the process in a timely and cost efficient manner and importantly with the ability to increase service delivery standards

Provision of user testing and operational readiness testing

Testing is not only an important part of ensuring that delegates have retained the content but also key to Knowledge Transfer management ensuring that delegates are 100% focused during the course.  The testing process when linked to performance and quality measurement enables the capture of strengths and weakness to be identified which when analysed will enable the provision of competency development workshops, buddying and coaching programs.  Unfortunately all to often testing is used to demonstrate that competency was sufficient rather than using the process to capture what still needs to be completed to improve on service delivery after the program and testing phase

Enhanced shadowing and competency development

The shadowing phase typically after Knowledge Transfer completion and testing program is a critical time to work on weaknesses identified during the testing phase.  The process of learning is typically contained in a classroom/virtual environment and it is when the delegates have responsibility for their own actions that competency/confidence gaps are highlighted.  It is at this time that our clients should look to improve on competency and ultimately service improvement