Our approach

The value of a pro-active experienced services partner is that as an independent we are unbiased and therefore comfortable with challenges.  We can stear your operational, regional and managerial teams through regular facilitation and collaboration events and utilising existing processes, toolsets and applications enables a smooth transfer of data and information which is required to plan a successful program.

Following alignment on the scope of work KnowBOX will enagage with client stakeholders to establish:

  • program objectives
  • historic produtivity, performance and quality issues
  • potential obstacles/blockers
  • expected challenges
  • service improvement opportunities
  • risks
  • preferred methodologies
  • existing strategies

Following this short review period the KnowBOX team generate a high level plan that would normally include:

  • program plan
    • deliverables (milestones, deliverables, oweners)
    • resources management
    • verification of timelines
    • Approach (mindmap)
    • data access
    • data validation
  • program management plan
    • collaboration & facilitation
    • challenge resolution
    • escalation management
  • Service development plan
    • productivity
    • performance and quality
    • competency development
    • service improvement
  • Reporting/communications
    • template
    • timeline
    • style
    • audience