Performance and quality

Our experience has proven that to achieve successful operational and technical service improvement.  A quantitative approach is requirement that accurately captures activity based performance and quality data.  

Accurate analysis will assist with understanding productivity, performance and quality challenges and identification of improvement strategies.  In addition the ability to understand competency gaps within engineering teams will enable corrective action, which in turn will ultimately drive service performance.  Accuracy and continuity is important so that our clients are able to have confidence in our reporting and recommendations in addition to analyzing the technical performance and quality standards in-conjunction with competency levels.  This unique process enables our clients to implement:

  • engineering performance improvement programs
  • competency improvement programs
  • service improvement programs
  • process improvement programs

The combination of unbiased transition planning, measurement of productivity, performance, quality, efficiency and operational delivery standards will enable improved long term KPI performance through implementation of competency development strategies which in turn will lead to improved client relations and margin protection 

Some of the benefits to this approach are that our clients have:

  • greater faith in the transition process
  • the ability to identify competency and confidence gaps
  • measurement of performance against service delivery standards
  • validation of service efficiency decisions
  • can compare the effectiveness against previous performance and base line statistics

Typically the process would include:

  • data Collection by data feeds and historic information (manual input considered as a last resort)
  • validation and enhancement via feeds from specific operational tools
  • unbiased performance and quality measurement against internal and external teams
  • capture of competency, communications and confidence gaps
  • identification of performance and quality shortfalls
  • completion of trend and GAP analysis
  • provision of corrective action requirements 
  • track performance and quality across projects, programs and timeframes
  • weekly and/or monthly productivity, performance and quality reporting

Measurement of performance and quality is key to capture both strengths and weakness.  A focus on competency, communications and confidence gaps and implementation of corrective action has successfully provision transition programs in the initial stages and been a major part of the service improvement over the longer term