Service productivity

Pro-active measurement and trend analysis are critical to planning team and individual productivity.  Whether our client is in the process of transition/transformation or looking to improve on service proficiency service productivity can be hugely beneficial in achievement of business goals, SLA and KPI success.  The KnowBOX service productivity model has been developed over 15 years and provides:

  • clarity of team and individual productivity standards
  • is measured on real activity based activity, performance and quality data intelligence
  • can add a greater depth when validated against existing productivity analysis
  • verifies service delivery strengths and weakness
  • outlines required service delivery improvement opportunities
  • enables revision or validation of existing productivity standards
  • comparison and measurement against service baseline
  • individual productivity awareness and highlights self improvement opportunity
  • pre-sales comparisons to assist with new proposals and competition analysis

A quantitative approach to measure productivity, supported by performance and quality data intelligence will enable:

  • your clients to have greater faith in planned transition/transformation programs
  • measurement of team and individual performance and quality against service delivery standards and benchmarks
  • validation of service efficiency decisions

By capturing baseline data and making benchmark comparisons will enable internal stakeholders to have access to accurate data intelligence that will form the basis of service efficiency across teams, individual, regions and programs.  Access to trended data intelligence that incorporates operational, technical, process and commercial will enable our clients to accurately compare productivity against:

  • scope of work
  • existing benchmarks
  • budgets
  • operational activity based service targets