Service efficiency

With the sector focused on transition to a fixed price, away from traditional time and materials, with ever increasing competitive and margin based pressure.  Our clients are keen to maximise their cost base, productivity and performance across all operations and technical teams.  

KnowBOX recognises that our clients would benefit from:

  • access to toolsets to be able to effectively measure, analyze and benchmark in an appropriate timeframe
  • limiting internal or regional biases
  • independent "unbiased" service specialist
  • access to accurate and credible measurement, trend analysis and weekly/monthly reporting
  • access to all data intelligence to support analysis
  • provision of recommendation of service efficiency actions  

How does it work:

  • KnowBOX access existing data from existing client based applications and systems
  • the efficiency systems would consolidate the data across targeted areas
  • various trend analysis would be completed against budget, scope of work, benchmarks, PIs and KPIs
  • analysis results would be documented and recommendations made across a range of efficiency target points
  • our clients review and are in a position to decide on how they would like to proceed based on analysis and recommendations
  • ability to implement immediate service impacting improvements  

KnowBOX enables our clients to have access to:

  • accurate project, team and regional data
  • validation process (system generated data)
  • measured against performance and quality data
  • existing technical, operational & commercial matrix
  • unbiased trend and gap analysis
  • resource modeling
  • KPI/SLA misalignment
  • confidence to implement service delivery improvement strategies

These solutions will not only assist our clients in the move to a fixed cost sales model, but enable achievement of service improvement and ultimately the ability to compete and grow the business profitably