Service overview

Our team has worked with multi-national datacommunication and telecommunication organisations for over 20 years. Our experience gives you access to a specialist independent and unbiased team to assist with service business change effectively and efficiently.

The need to continually improve service standards whilst maintaining or lowering service costs is all part of today's competitive market place.  Over the years we have built up a range of competencies, skillsets, processes and toolsets that assists our clients in keeping costs down and service standards up.

Service development

A range of services and toolsets that enable operations, technical, line management and divisional management to have access to accurate data intelligence, measurement of current service productivity, performance, trend and gap analysis with ability to compare against existing benchmarks, standards and business service targets enable our clients to benefit from service improvement and service efficiency opportunities

Transition and transformation

Utilising an independent transition/transformation specialist organisation enables our clients to benefit from unbiased value added service that will assist internal teams to successfully complete programs in time, in budget, with a focus on service improvement and then assist with developing the strategies to improve on service standards over the long term