Transition and transformation

The KnowBOX team have been supporting multi-national datacommunications and telecommunication organisations for over 20 years.  This diverse technical, operational, project, business development and commercial experience enables our team to assist our clients successfully manage transition/transformation programs with a focus on program deliverables, standards, budgets and timelines.

Our value added services, processes and toolsets have been development to assist our clients programs be successful every time:

  • program management
  • knowledge transfer
  • governance
  • competency development

Program management

With the migration to fixed price projects in conjunction with the pressure on margins our clients are looking for transition/transformation programs to not only provide cost reduction opportunities but process improvement and service delivery improvement   Historically these transition/transformation programs have offered not only a 18-24 month return on investment but also a short/mid term service delivery standard challenge.  KnowBOX proven methodology enables our clients to successfully complete transition/transformation programs by utilising unbiased and focused support in the following areas

  • Facilitating and attending daily program meetings
  • Providing guidance to operations, project, knowledge transfer and tools teams
    • regional and cultural requirements
    • planning development
    • knowledge transfer delivery
    • resource requirement
    • program performance and quality
    • support infrastructure
    • success criteria
    • lessons learnt
  • Operational Readiness Testing guidance
    • success criteria
    • performance and quality
  • Enhanced shadowing process guidance
    • success criteria
    • performance and quality
    • competency development recommendations
    • technical lead coaching recommendations
  • Transition program escalation management
    • transition standards
    • performance & quality
    • program timelines
    • risk awareness
    • tools availability
  • Client interface and weekly report generation based on existing standard template

Engagement of KnowBOX removes internal operational pressures on teams and line management and therefore removes RISK across both operations and transition programs